Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wyoming, Idaho, Wyoming, Idaho.

I started my day in Kemmerer Wy, JC Penny started there. I took US30 west to soda Springs, ID. from there i took ID34 one of their scenic byways. I followed that until I ran into US89, now back in Wy. I went north on US89 until I turned left on US26 and headed back into Idaho. In Swan Valley I turned right on ID31, scenic byway number 3 for the day. From ID31 I turned left on ID33 and followed that into Rexburg, ID and got a room for the night. Today was a great day to ride. The temperature was perfect, it wasn't windy or rainy. The scenery picture taking not so good. The farther north and west I got the hazier the sky got. There are some large forest and grass fires going and putting alot of smoke in the air. I could get a whiff of it every now and again. It ended up being about a 300 mile day. Now the pics.
How does one tree grow on the top of a hill like that?
So they say this was the bottom of a shallow sea at one time.
A huge Monsanto Phosphate mine and processing plant on one side of the road and endless grain fields on the other.
Henry-Chester country store.[
More history for you.
Gold fever.
Palisades Reservoir. It looks to be about 20 feet down from normal.
History and smoke. You can just make out the Teton's.
Idaho grows more than potatoes.
It looks like it failed in two areas. The last pic is looking downstream. Tomorrow looks like a good day to continue west. Weather is supposed to remain great. Until next time.

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  1. From when I traveled through Idaho a while ago, I just remember large fields and straight roads, more churches than pubs (was there even a pub?) and empty streets. It left me wondering what people do out there, other than farming...