Monday, August 10, 2015

sturgis 2015

this is my first entry into the world of the blogging community. Having recently retired and having a great enjoyment of motorcycles I thought this would be a good way of recalling my travels.
I left home St. Paul, MN on July 24 for the motorcycle rally in Sturgis SD. I arrived at Wyatts Hideaway campground in Belle Fourche SD on Friday the 25. Mostly uneventful trip except for the pheasant that jumped in front of me and glanced off of my helmet. I got here a week before the official start of the rally. Alot of the vendors were allready set up and there seemed to be many bikes in the area. Riding was still great with no delays because of congestion.
By Monday morning the 3rd, things had changed, 9am and hardly a place to park on main street. I did my shopping am left town, heavy traffic everywhere. I came back to camp and packed up and headed for home per my plan.
I spent the next 2 days around home and then loaded my other bike and headed back out to Sturgis arriving Friday the 7th early afternoon. I missed most of the mid week mayhem and riding was good (except for the sprinkle's).
I will be leaving Wyatts on Tuesday for Wyoming and points west.


  1. Hey, I found it....!!!! Looking good!

  2. Hi John! Good blog! We'll be following safe!

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere, John. Enjoy your retirement, and ride on.