Saturday, August 22, 2015

Across Nevada On US50

Today, Friday the 21st, I left Verdi NV after staying at the Boomtown Casino. A nice room for 40 dollars. Anyways, I got on I80 until I hit Alt-US50 and followed that to US50 and headed East across the whole state of Nevada. I ended my day in Ely Nv at the Motel 6. I've stayed here before with my riding buddy Erik. It is surprising How closely US50 follows routes of a bygone era. It was a very nice day to ride. It started in the 60's and it didn't hit 90 until the 200 mile mark, so I broke out the cool vest for the last 150 miles. The temp never did get above 92. There was still the haze in the air for most of the ride today from all the fires, as I've mentioned in previous posts. I tried to get alot of pictures today of the history of the area and such. I have passed a few museums that would be fun to explore on the next trip out here.
Varying degrees of haze.
A long way from the ocean.
And I guess the climate is still changing, but will we adapt?
And a few miles down the road it looks almost like white sand or salt.
Writing with rocks along the road. There was no place to really stop for better pics. I took these on the fly.
A sand dune playground for OHV.
A working wind mill and storage tank along the road in the middle of nowhere. I didn't taste the water.
Is this Sage in bloom?
Austin NV, a town in a nice little valley.
A few of the passes I went over, I wasn't able to stop for them all. Alot of the route along 50 seems to run in the 5 to 7 thousand foot range, A pretty arid area.
Mining history and such. Tomorrow I'm going to head North then East and try to get back into Wyoming. We will see. I've logged 4500 miles so far this trip. I wonder if the grass needs cutting? Oh who cares. Enjoy.

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  1. Everything looks so dry and smoky. It is the theme for the West this year.