Saturday, August 22, 2015

north, then east, then north

This morning, Sat. the 22nd I left Ely Nevada and headed north on US93. AT Lagas Station, I followed Alt93 to the northeast, This took me to Wendover NV, where I got on I80 and headed east. Wendover is at the Utah border on the interstate. A nice little gambling community with several casinos. I stopped at the Bonneville Salt Flats and took some pictures and then blasted across Utah on the interstate. Their speed limit is 80mph. My bike seems to cruise the best at 75>80, so that was the speed I drove. There was still the fire related haze in the air, so yes I do believe, that this has become somewhat of a theme for this trip. The temp was ideal for riding today mid 70's to mid 80's. I hope that when I get to the Black Hills in SD, (sun or mon), I will be out of the smoke. I plan to visit friends there for a day or two and then head home.
A nice tourist train in Ely if you ever have the chance. Erik and I have riden it.
Pony Express country.
I didn't see any white horses just these.
Need a change of clothes.
I think I'm close to the middle of nowhere.
Or is that the the middle of nowhere out there.
The salt flats at last. Plenty of rules, some of which appeared to of been ignored.
Yes, it's me the blogger. A nice lady from Maryland took my picture.
There appears to be a ready supply of salt around. I saw two processing plants, one Morton and One Gargill.
Recreational area along I80.
Tough work building roads in this country. Tomorrow I will work my way across Wyoming. No set route yet. Thanks for reading.


  1. Ahh yes, the middle of nowhere!!! My absolute favorite place to be!!

  2. thanks for taking us on the ride
    i have a bit of reading to catch up on the blog but will get there
    would take a hour to read all the do's and dont's on that sign

  3. I remember that spot well... the middle of nowhere. We've all been there and back. Bonneville Flats... for some reason it is still on my list of things to see.