Friday, August 21, 2015

South then East.

Today, Thursday the 20th, I left Eureka CA. and headed south on US101. After about 30 miles I took the exit for the Avenue of the Giants scenic route for about 40 miles. Then it was back on 101 down to CA20. I took CA20 East across the state until it joined up with I80 and followed that to Verdi NV, which is very near Reno NV. It was another warm day once I was away from the coast. I watered up the cool vest and my dew rag under my helmet and everything was fine again even in the 90>99 degree heat. I can't believe the whole part of Oregon and California that I've toured hasn't just burnt to the ground. You can really tell they have a severe drought by the grasses being browned over and the leaves on the trees looking totally stressed out and ready to fall off. I hope that things get better for them soon. Now about me. I think that I may be starting to get a little homesick. I'm not stopping at every little roadside history lesson. So I will probably start to make my way back, actually I guess that allready happened when I left the coastline behind. Pictures you say; well ok.
Avenue of the Giants.
Need a chain saw.
The dryness and a burned over area.
There is still plenty of beauty out there. Tomorrow I think that I will head across Nevada On US50, the loneliest road in America. Until next time.


  1. So, 50 across... or 50 to 95 to 6 to 375 (LittleAleinn) to Caliente... Then up 93 to Wendover?? Oh the choices!

    Some nice tree and chainsaw pictures!