Friday, July 28, 2017

Gone too long.

Since my last post back in Oct 2015 my life has changed tremendously. Timeline:

Jan 2016. My shoulders locked up. I couldn't raise my arms or tuck my shirt in. 2 months of PT fixed that, thank god.

Mar 2016. We had our home burglarized. Not a good feeling.

Apr 2016. We had our home burglarized again. This time they took my truck and did $6000 damage to my garage.

May 2016. My mother passed away at 89. She had hoped to make it to 100.

May 2016. We bought a house 11 miles East of Hayward WI. 25 miles from my friend Erik.

June 2016. Closed on house in Hayward.

July 2016. Moved to new home. It was the hottest and most humid day that month.

Aug 2016. Did the Sturgis run for the 40th time, in a row, and never trailerd.

Aug>Dec 2016. Busy making our new house our HOME.

Jan>Feb 2017. Learn, try and buy a new snowmobile, (snow machine in Alaska), Winter motorcycle according to my wife Wendie.

Feb 2017. Lost my good friend Garth of Canada. A freak accident.

Mar 2017. Close on the sale of our house in St. Paul, MN. I lived in the same neighborhood for the first 62 years of my life.

Mar>May 2017. Finish all indoor projects before summer riding, golfing and fishing starts.

June>July 2017. Riding, golfing and fishing plus outdoor projects and yard work.