Friday, October 6, 2017

A Day at the Races

The weekend of Sept. 15-16 the town of Sturgis SD hosted a round of Supermoto racing. The course was set up through the streets and parking lots of downtown Sturgis. I love this style racing.
Friday was a washout, no practice, no racing. They were forced to do everything on saturday. Alot of action. It was a rather cold day, but with something going on on the track pretty much constantly you didn't notice it to much.
Everybody gets their chance on the track, from about 5 years old on up.

A few shots of the pits.
Approaching a real tight spot on the track.
The tight spot.
I really love being able to be so close to the action.
After exiting that tight spot they hit a 1 block straight before turning left. I think that this is the fastest part of the course. They go 1 short block before turning left and hitting the dirt. Amazing action.
One of two dirt sections. This is the dirt section seen in the second video.
Sure was great racing.

Here is a video of the fastest corner on the track. This next video shows them at the next corner entering the second dirt section.
It was a super time. Hope you enjoyed this post.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

It has begun!

I have noticed over the past two weeks the season has started its march towards fall. 2 weeks ago we had 10 hummingbird's at our 3 feeders. In 1 day 8 of them left town. Yesterday there where still 2 hanging around.
We had a low of 39 degrees Fahranheit a few days ago. The coat on the Whitetail deer has changed from brown to almost all grey.

The deer in July.

The same deer today.

It was such a nice day today that I thought I would go for a short ride while the paint dried on a project I'm doing for my wife.
The bees are extra busy these days.

The trees are starting to change. Rite now it is the maples and the poplar. It does seem a little early but it is almost mid Sept.
Some pics from my 31 mile loop.

The Sumac is turning a wonderful shade of red.

More color, and it will only get better in the next few weeks.

Lots to see.
It was a great ride. Short but a good break.
I will be heading back out to Sturgis SD this Weds. They run the Supermoto races through the downtown streets of Sturgis. They throw in a couple dirt sections also. I've gone 2 of the last 3 years and love that style racing.
Until my next post, be safe, be happy.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Lawn Art?

This summer I decided to make a few changes to the driveway entry to our home. It took the form of some free style rock stacking and the tricycles have a story. When both Wendie my wife and I where 4 years old or so, our parents took a picture of us on our tricycles. Wendie found these trikes when her and Nancy were out shopping and looking for whatever.
She figured that I could do something with them. I just so happened to have a pile of rocks about 25 feet away, and they didn't look like they had anything else to do. So I moved them because they wouldn't move themselves.

Our early biker days.

End product. "Rocks and Trikes"

After I looked at it and was pleased with the creation, I thought where do I go from here?
After about a week or so I thought that something more was needed. Well I still had some rocks left and decided to try to make two stacked stone figures to go along with the trikes.

First I did this one.

The second one was completed soon after.

I'm not sure if something more is needed or not. Still a work in progress?
Hope you enjoyed this post from Hayward WI.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Interesting sights.

Wendie and I had to make a trip to Sioux Falls SD on Aug 18. Saw and interesting sight on the way down.
It was a BNSF unit train of wind generator rotar blades. They used 3 flat cars for each pair of blades. It appeared to be a load of about 50 blades. They used an engine at each end.

In the same area coming back the next day right outside Jasper MN we found this great collection of wind machines.

Alternative energy I guess never really died, it is just evolving for the better.

Day 9 - heading home

After getting up on thurs Aug 9, I had breakfast and checked the lastest weather report and decided to start the trip home and take advantage of the great weather. The ride home started cool but ended up being perfect for the ride home. I decided to end my day in Watertown SD. Stayed at the Econo-Lodge on the East end of town for ease of getting out of town the next morning. There is a Hy-Vee next door with a Market Cafe attached. It had great food and a super selection.
Pictures for the day started near Eagle Butte SD with a nice field of sunflowers.

Then when I got to the west side of the Missouri I stopped at a riverside picnic area.

A herd of Ford Crown Vic's in Lincoln Township SD.

The next day I was detoured through the town of Goodwin SD.

I also saw a solar garden being put in near Maynard MN.

Final tally. Gone 10 days, 2811 miles, 64 gals prem fuel, 43.9mpg, $2.93 per gal.
All-n-all a good trip.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sturgis Day 8

Weds Aug 9 Carl led the group. Sorry very few pictures. We started out by going up Spearfish canyon to Cheyenne Crossing. After stopping for a drink, we headed up the hill to the turn for Rochford. It was a nice easy putt to Rochford and not to busy when we got there. After more liquids we headed to Deadwood for a little gambling. I lost and left and went back to camp to relax before dinner with Terresah down in Rapid City.

I like this Indian Scout.

Me in front of the Moonshine Gulch Saloon.