Friday, November 17, 2017

Where's Winter?

It seems as though winter can't get going this year in any meaningful way up here in the Hayward WI area. We did get a couple of cold enough days to freeze over the lake, but the ice is totally unsafe. There might be 2 inches.
This was the view 2 weeks ago, Nov 4 at 6pm a couple inches of snow and the deer eating acorns from the Oak trees.
This next photo was taken Nov 16 at 7am. Same deer still eating acorns and no snow.
Not to much else to report. I was able to get the bikes and boat put away. Everything has been shuffled around, and the snowmobile (snowmachine in Alaska) is ready for action.
That is all for now.
Will have to see what the next week brings.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Fall or Winter?

As I sit here friday afternoon looking at the happenings outside the window, the weather can't seem to decide what season it should be. Right now it is overcast with a light breeze and about 35 degrees. Haven't had a day of full sunshine in about 2 weeks.
Fire stopped by this morning for a meal of acorns. There is no shortage.
You can tell Fire by her cowlick mid flank on the right side.
She just wanders the yard munching and crunching.
I had to go to St. Paul on weds for an appointment and on the way back stopped at a wayside and took a picture of the Namakagon river.
Just a little before the wayside I stopped in Shell Lake. The wind was howling out of tthe East and the snow was blowing.
When I got home it was snowing pretty good.
By thursday afternoon it had all gone away again.
Possible more snow tonight and then another warm up.
My wife Wendie finished her third Quilt of Valor this week. It will be given to a veteran this coming Monday, to thank them for there service to the country.
Not much else for now.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Snow today

Have been busy the last few days in preparation for the weather that showed up today.
Wednesday was an extremely busy day. It started with about 2 hours of blowing leaves into rows in preperation to be run over and mulched with the riding lawn mower. After they are chopped up into small pieces, I run back over them with the bagger attached.
Early in the afternoon that day my friend Erik stopped by. It was time to pull the boat but first we had to remove the canopy from the boat lift and roll that up and put it in  storage. After I got the boat trailered and in the garage for a fall cleaning I was able to jump back on the lawn mower and finish the leaf cleanup.
I also did my neighbor's yard, so his leaves didn't end up at my house.
I finished the yard cleanup about 20 minutes before sunset. The deer stopped by to eat some acorn's just at the time I was taking these pictures of that day's sunset.
Thursday was not quite so busy. I spent afew hours on cleaning the boat and winterizing the engine. It will stay in the garage nice and dry until I can get it shrink-wrapped for outdoor storage. M&M Rental does a great job up here in Hayward WI.
From last year.
Love my Stihl back-pack blower.

Thursday afternoon my wife Wendie, our friends Erik and Nancy and I went out to dinner at the Little Bohemia Lodge. They had really great food and a claim to fame.
On April 22, 1934 there was a shootout between the FBI and the John Dillinger gang.
I wonder how many rounds were fired on both sides.

On the way back home, after dark, we encountered numerous deer feeding in the ditches. We also came across a small group of Elk feeding in the ditch. It looked to be about 6-8 animals. Man they're big.
Well it's Friday afternoon as I write this post, and it is snowing pretty good right now. I don't think it will stick around, but who knows.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Is that white flakes in the air?

When I got up this morning Oct 24, about 8, it was 38 degrees and a light rain. Now at 10, it is 35 degrees and the light rain has snow mixed in.
We are in no danger of it sticking around, but it does serve as a reminder about what can happen any time now. Maybe it will help the last of the leaves come down.
Today's view off the deck.
The view off the deck on the 11th of Oct.
Have had a bumper crop of acorns this year, they are like ball bearings but the deer seem to love them.
Have been busy the last couple of weeks. About every third day I spend 4-5 hours blowing, mulching, and picking up the leaves that looked so nice just a few weeks earlier. I think one more time should do it.
Oct 17th a picture of me and a view of the house.
I have got some nice rides in, just not many pictures to share, sorry.
Went down by the dam that regulates the water level of the flowage we are on. Saw this flower hanging in there on the 20th of Oct. Amazing.
We had a very nice sunset on sept. 29, 6:52PM. The sun sets are getting early.
A few more pics from the past few weeks.
The next projects are to put away the summer toys, IE:boat, 3 motorcycles, lawn tractor, power push mower, along with the other things to get ready for winter. Enjoy.

Friday, October 6, 2017

A Day at the Races

The weekend of Sept. 15-16 the town of Sturgis SD hosted a round of Supermoto racing. The course was set up through the streets and parking lots of downtown Sturgis. I love this style racing.
Friday was a washout, no practice, no racing. They were forced to do everything on saturday. Alot of action. It was a rather cold day, but with something going on on the track pretty much constantly you didn't notice it to much.
Everybody gets their chance on the track, from about 5 years old on up.

A few shots of the pits.
Approaching a real tight spot on the track.
The tight spot.
I really love being able to be so close to the action.
After exiting that tight spot they hit a 1 block straight before turning left. I think that this is the fastest part of the course. They go 1 short block before turning left and hitting the dirt. Amazing action.
One of two dirt sections. This is the dirt section seen in the second video.
Sure was great racing.

Here is a video of the fastest corner on the track. This next video shows them at the next corner entering the second dirt section.
It was a super time. Hope you enjoyed this post.