Thursday, February 21, 2019

Clam Lake in a snowstorm

On Weds Feb 20th we (Gib, Jean and I) decided to make a run over to Clam Lake for lunch. When we left at 9:30am it was snowing lightly. Then in a short time it was snowing heavily most of the time and continued to do so until after I got home at 2:30pm. We ended up getting 7" at our house.
In the woods on the trails it was delightful. The trails were for the most part groomed expertly with only a very few rough areas, Moguls which were spaced to close together to have any fun on. I really enjoy riding a groomed trail which has a fresh couple inches of snow on top. On the ride back we crossed Lost Land Lake in almost a white out. It was hard to see more than one trail marker ahead. When I got to my turn on the Tiger Cat Flowage I couldn't really see it. I ended up off the trail in the deep stuff. I just kept the power on until I could pick out my entry into the woods and the trail to home.
Our route was clockwise; 14 to 5 to 77 to 8 to Clam Lake. Coming back we took 8 to 3 to 25 to 5 to 14.
Snow total for yesterday and my tracks in after our ride.
Another great day to be out with my friends Gib and Jean.
Not snowing to hard right now.
Stop, check the map, blow your nose and enjoy the surroundings.
It's beginning to snow for real now.
Ranson's Place; nice small bar with great food. Chili and grilled cheese, very good lunch.
Back on the trails.
At the intersection of trails 8 & 3.
Red Deer Lodge and Resort our last stop on todays ride. Our machines getting covered in snow after only minutes of stopping for a beverage.
Total mileage for today is 78.5 miles. 42.5 to Clam Lake but only 36 back home. 3.1 gallons gas.
Hope to be riding this weekend.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Back to Lake Namakagon

Today Gib, Jean and I decided to head back up to lake Namakagon. Last Sunday when we were up there we missed a turn on the ride back. We ended up back on the lake where it was snowing so hard visibility was at about one tenth of a mile. At least we were headed in the right direction. So we decided to run the route in reverse. Todays trip was in a clockwise direction, me leaving from home on Lake Placid and picking up Gib and Jean on the Tiger Cat Flowage.
The top map is Sawyer County where we started and the bottom map is Bayfield County and Lake Namakagon. We never really did figure out where we messed up. We were trying to find trail 75 off of trail 15.
Gassed up and ready to go.
Yes that is open water. A beautiful flowing stream. And that my friends is why you stay on these beautiful marked trails.
Stop to check the map.
More trail pics.
A good day for pictures.
First stop was Lakewoods resort.
Lost Land Lake. Trail 3 between Namakagon and here was terrible. Needed grooming, alot of bad moguls to negotiate. It sucked after awhile. I stood up for a fare amount of it. So my legs got a workout along with my upper body, shoulders, arms and torso.
Next stop was the Reel Livin resort on Lost Land Lake.
This was our last stop today.
This is the reason for some of our stops, besides refreshments and bathroom breaks. You have a card that you get stamped at 6 or 7 bars and receive a free t-shirt.
Next ride? Somebody mentioned Clam Lake, WI.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Pizza Run

Today it was the "Pizza for Lunch Run" down to the Stone Lake Pub in Stone Lake WI. They have great thin crust pizza. I met Gib and Jean at their house at 9:30am. We arrived in Stone Lake just after 11am. It was about 36 miles from my house. We had Yvonne and Ron join us. They arrived about 5 minutes after us. They came by car.
It was another great day to be out sledding. The sun was out, nice temperture, no wind to speak of and not really much other sled traffic, a few groups of 3 to 5. Trails were in good shape but the lakes were more up and down like a kids roller coaster. I wonder if it's the ice that is wavy or the snow causing it.
Our route in pink. I started out from Placid Lake, upper right. Picked up Jean and Gib up on the Tiger Cat Flowage. We did a counterclockwise loop as best as we could. My mileage showed 71 miles round trip.
Jean is ready to ride.
Lots of people out fishing. Getting ready to hit the woods.
Varying landscapes.
The pub, the bloody marys, and the pizza, it's all good.
L to R, Gib, Ron, Yvonne and Jean.
I never get tired of the scenery. Good signage also.
Getting closer to home.
One last refreshment stop before home, only about 7 miles to go. Another great day with friends.
Tomorrow we are headed to?