Tuesday, May 22, 2018

new stuff

I had to get a new phone this week, my camera stopped working. Hardware issue. I use it alot. At the Verizion store I picked out a new LG G6 and an Asus Zen pad Z8s. I hope that this combo is a good match for my blogging, I think it will be. A couple of pics with the new equipment.
Using the new tablet camera.
Using the panoramic feature on the new phone.
That is it for now.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Spring's Here

Today I will say that spring is here. We had a nice gentle rain on Weds and it greened things up in about two days.
After the heavy snow at the end of March it started to warm up and melt the snow pack. Things looked good until Sat just after dark on the 14 of April. We had a good old fashioned spring snowstorm. We ended up with 10-12 inches of snow with plenty of wind and drifting. The Robins had already migrated North and a late winter snow cuts off most of their food supply. By about the 20th of April the snow was once again pretty much gone, the shaded areas still had snow.
Ice out on our lake came on May 2 and 3. The end of the lake we are on is a large shallow bay which was ice free on the 2nd. By the end of the 3rd the bigger deeper part of the lake had opened up. Our fishing opener in Wisconsin was on May 5 and there were a number of area lakes that were still ice bound. They're all ice free now on the 11th of May. I saw my first Baltimore Oriole this morning. It looks like everything has started to leaf out.
Here are some of the pictures of the last month.
Cooper's Hawk doing some hunting in the yard on the 12th of April.
American Goldfinch on the 13th of April. I believe this is a female.
Snow on the deck April 16th. 2 deer laying under a pine near the lakeshore. The deer were not excited to have to dig though the snow for food.
The 27th of April brought the Red Fox out looking for an easy meal. I've only seen one other, and that was last spring. I hope he likes Chipmucks, we have plenty.
Muskrat busy doing what Muskrats do. April 30th was a busy day nature wise.
Early in the afternoon I was able to get this picture of one of the local resident River Otters having a lunch of Northern Pike on the ice. As I was moving to a better vantage point an immature Bald Eagle came down and tried to take the food away. The next picture that I got was the Eagle on the ice wondering how his meal disappeared so quickly. Then he flew away. About 7:30 that evening a mature Eagle landed on the ice looking for food.
This pic taken at 8pm on May 1st shows the ice situation. By morning our end of the lake was ice free.
Maple tree blossoms, deer in late day sun, Northern Flicker looking for a meal, and a Blacked Cap Chickadee having a bite to eat. Taken May 2-3.
Sunset on 3 May, 2018.
Our house from the point across the lagoon. The house kind of disappears once the trees leaf out.
The sunset on the 6th of May was very nice. The deer and the Muskrat both came by to watch the sunset with me out on the point. The muskrat came out of the water and actually past within 10 feet of were I was set up, I didn't move, it was very neat.
That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed.
I have a trip planned for early June with my friend Art to Sturgis, SD for the Cushman Motor Scooter National Rally. It should be a great time.
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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Out like a lion

That is how march decided to end here in the Hayward WI area. Starting sometime after 2am Saturday the snow started to come down hard. Saturday morning by 10am when it had all but stopped snowing I measured a solid 10 inches. I checked 3 different spots and they all showed 10 inches or a little more. Just last week I had thoughts of getting my Yamaha XT250 out, the snow was mostly gone and the roads were ok just watch for sandy spots. I quess it will be a couple of more weeks until that happens.
On Thursday march 29 the snow was going fast. The deer were finding it easier to get at the accorns that had fallen last fall.
On Friday the 30th we got a little prelim of what was to come. Just a dusting of about an inch.
The snow was light and big snowflakes.
Saturday morning at 6:30am this was the view.
The deer were having a harder time finding those accorns.
Snow piled on the deck railing.
Looking out our front door.
I did a few snow depth measurements. We got 10+ inches.
It took me about 2 hours to get everything cleaned up and then the sun came out and finished the job.
After snowblowing and hand shoveling before the sun came out.
The sun is high enough now that it does a nice job of drying things up.
The deer decided to come by for a snack.
The weathermen are saying more snow Monday or Tuesday, up to 6 inches. Also no warm up in sight. Looks like maybe a late spring. Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Last Ride.

Ok, so today Sunday March 11, I really believe that I did go for my last snowmobile ride of the year. It was a nice day though we had an overcast sky. I met my friends Gib and Jean out on the lake in front of their house on Upper Twin Lake. We headed over to our friend Joanne's house for lunch. We met my wife Wendie there and had chili for lunch and strawberry pie for desert. After visiting for a while we jumped back on our machines and backtracked a couple of miles to intersection 71 and turned left instead of right and took a different way home. Total miles for this lunch ride 40 miles. The trails that we took today had some really bald spots and gravel. I'm sure that I wore my carbides down a little. That's why they are replaceable.
My friends Gib and Jean.
View of the Chippewa River from Joanne's house.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Riding Time; Snowmobile/Fat Tire

Today, Saturday the 10th of March I feel lucky to say that the trails are in good shape for the most part. I was able to get in a 32 mile ride this morning. It entailed about 22 miles of winding my way through the forests and about 10 miles of lake running. The lakes are interesting. Early in the year they were very smooth with a nice snow cover and running fast (80-90mph) was no issue. Now that the ice is very thick it seems to have developed pressure waves or something. Like a roller coaster. You need to pay a lot closer attention before you go and pin the throttle, as you may get thrown off if you hit one wrong. No it hasn't happened to me, yet. A few trail pics.
Out on trail 14 on the Tiger Cat Flowage.
Trail shots from trail 77. The snow we had last monday night really helped to prolong the riding season. It's amazing what 6-9 inches of snow can do.
The route I chose today, mainly trail 77, crosses the American Birkebeiner trail in a couple of places.
Today they were running the Fat Tire Birkie. Your choice 21K or 47K. I believe that the riders I saw were on the longer course.
Here I am parked at one of the crossings on trail 77. Stopped to take pics of some of the riders.
A couple riders coming by on a perfect day to be out doing anything.
A snowmobile crosses the junction after a full stop. Skiers/fat bikes have the right of way.
A few more riders.