Sunday, February 25, 2018

Road Trip Day 10

Another long day in the truck. Left Moriarty NM This morning, Saturday the 24th about 8am. This seems to be our normal starting time. We ended our day in Sidney NE. Heavy winds today. First a great tailwind and then a pain in the butt crosswind. Some pics for today.
This is along US hwy 84.
Flat Ryan and I had more learning opportunities today and some great views.
Neat view.
Flat Ryan adds another state to his list.
The road followed the old Santa Fe trail in a few spots.
Lots of wind turbines here facing a huge valley to the north and west.
Not my last chance. I've been here before with my friend Erik.
I like this picture.
The late day sun sure makes the colors pop.
And we add another state to the list.
Tommorrow we will head into South Dakota and start heading east again.
Only 560 miles today.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Road Trip Day 9

Left Hope AZ about 8:15am this morning. Today's route was pretty simple. AZ hwy 60 to AZ hwy 72 to Interstate 25 North to Interstate 40 East. Covered a total of about 585 miles. It took a little over 10-1/2 hours with stops and slow downs. We ran into snow just south of Flagstaff AZ. It was pretty much done once I got east of town about 10-15 miles. Pictures of today are as follows.
I had wondered who the regional rail provider was. It's the Arizona & California. The engines look like EMD SD-40's from the late 60's. The day started out very nice.
Saw some nice stands? of cactus. Are they a stand or a forest of cactus, or maybe a grove.
At about 200 miles from Hope AZ things got interesting.
Looks like a change in the weather ahead.
As we gained in altitude the snow got heavier. It must of just started, but it was adding up fast. I'm glad I went through when I did.
Opps. I don't know what happened. I just drove slow and steady and had no issues.
Yes it does snow in the sunny state of Arizona.
Sure looks like a winter wonderland.
Then it was all done.
The light dusting of snow looks nice on the rocks as I pass from Arizona into New Mexico.
I quess it's all down hill from here.
I've seen a lot of rail traffic.
And the landscape is allways changing, very nice.
I plan on turning north tommorrow and head up into eastern Colorado, western Nebraska and South Dakota.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Road Trip Day 8

Flat Ryan and I left the hotel this morning. What time I'm not sure, about 10am I believe. That would be Pacific time. Shortly aftter leaving Laughlin NV, we passed thru 3 states in a matter of a dozen miles and 1 time zone.
Started in Nevada, passed thru California and into Arizona. Flat Ryan and I are covering some ground and more than a few states on this trip.
We stopped at the Parker dam site for a few pics. You were not allowed to walk out onto the dam itself, bummer.
Narrow entry, no motorhomes or trailers allowed.
A little of the not so varying terrain.
This is a large chicken egg production facility. Yup as far as I know, eggs are still shot staight out of a chickens ass. Wow.
In the town of Boise AZ, not far from Hope AZ is a small military memorial.
M-60 tank, M-109 howitzer and ?? truck.
A few of the numerous plaques on hand.
And finally, today's sunset.
Another great day with great weather but a little windy with gusts. Tommorrow we start for home. Hope to add a few more states to the total travelled through.