Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Quick update

I finished the barn quilt and hung it in time for Wendie's B-Day Sept 1st.
Assembled ready for hanging and hung.
The other update is that I now have a slab poured for my new garage. One step closer.
The next step is a course of block and then the structure on top of that.
And finally a nice evening fire to enjoy.
Oh and the deer in the flower bed. No big deal, the flowers are almost done.
And a nice sunset.
Off to Sturgis now for the Supermoto races sept 6 and 7.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Sturgis 2019

Well I'm back in Sturgis SD. It's the 79th rally. I've been to the last 43 in a row starting in 1977. I've riden every year and not trailered once. The first 40 trips I lived right on 600 miles away. The last three years it has gone up to 700 miles because I moved to nothern Wisconsin. The first day at 1:30 pm I met Mark and Tom in Montivideo MN and we rode out together. We stayed overnight in Faulkton SD at the Faulkton Inn. We got there before the rain and were able to park in the pole barn 100 yards away. Sweet! It just poured about an hour later. We did get just a little pea sized hail. 50 miles west they had baseball size hail and it shredded the corn and sunflowers and any other crops planted.
Back side of the storm and the painted grain elevator.
Local quilt shop and storm clouds.
Having breakfast at the HWY 212 Cafe in Gettysburg SD. Tom is on the left and Mark on the right. Quick break after crossing the Missouri, John, Mark, Tom.
Another break at the Ben Ash monument.
Next stop was for gas in Belle Fourche SD at which point we decided to take a short side trip to the Stone House Saloon about 8 miles away.
A pretty fair crowd for thursday.
Left my mark.They won't let you in the house anymore to make your mark as it's ready to fall down. They have a series of cables holding it together.
I've allways loved the 750 honda chopped just like these two.
Now it was time to go to the place we would be staying for the next 4 nights.
Inside the pole barn there are 5 bedrooms and a 3/4 bathroom on the mezzanine and a 3/4 bath and laundry on the main floor. Good place to stay for the cost.
Typical room.
Now just some pictures.
These were from weds at about 5pm. And there are more.
Me and 4 good friends. They had the BMW stunt rider at the Iron Horse Bar and boy could he handle a motorcycle. The 2 bikes he used.
Today I took a quick ride over to Devil's tower and then back through Sundance.
It's me again. Nice pile of hay.
Custer passed though this area.
More hay.
Not very busy on friday in Hulett WY.
Devil's tower area.
Looking down at Sundance WY and then downtown. Not very busy. I like that.
Beulah WY, same deal. I quess to avoid the crowds go the last half of the rally.
That's all I've got for now. I'm headed home on Sunday.