Saturday, August 15, 2020

Sturgis 2020---Back home

 Left the motel at 8:30 this morning and pulled into my driveway at 3:30 this afternoon. todays Leg was 360 miles. Another day with perfect riding conditions.

Another wind generator ready for assembly and a crane ready to start the assembly process.

Southwest Minnesota farm country, beans, corn and wind energy.

Canby MN. Love the old buildings.

A nice little wayside stop in Clara City MN.

The St. Croix river, almost home now about one hour to go.

One mile from home. Are the leaves starting to change already.

Total trip mileage was 2020 miles and 45.8 mpg.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Sturgis 2020---Heading Home

 Left Rich and Lynns in Belle Fourche this morning just after 8am. Stopped in downtown Sturgis for a little shopping and to take a few pics. Then it was Hwy 34 and US Hwy 14 across the state to Brookings where I stayed overnight. Total miles for the day were 410 miles.

Along Hwy 34 near Whitewood SD.

Downtown Sturgis 8:30am friday. The bikes were just starting to roll in. The ferris wheel was new this year. Took these down a block and a half from Junction ave where the motorcycle museum is.

More bikes parked down on this end by the motorcycle museum. They had the first block pretty well full by the time I pulled out at 9:25am.

My brother in laws brick, Larrie Mack outside the museum.

Bear Butte outside Sturgis SD.

A fair tractor collection. I wonder how many run.

Abandoned nuke site.

Sunflower  plants, wayside rest at Hayes SD  and a harvestor after the work is done.

Train on the prairie and a real big pheasant in Huron SD.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Sturgis 2020---Thursday

 Today I left base camp at 9am. I decided to go visit old friends outside Hot Springs SD. They are in business as a rock shop. I took the fast way down to there place which was using the interstate 90 to Rapid City, then the truck route to SD 79 down to highway 18. 120 miles covered in two hours, easy ride. My return trip was using US 385 and down Spearfish canyon to Spearfish and then back to Belle Fourche.

It's pretty flat heading south on 79. A speed limit of 70 is nice to.

49 miles to the Nebraska border. I won't be going that far.

A waterfall across from downtown mainstreet Hot Springs.

Whitaker's rock shop. If you like rocks stop there for sure.

Near Wind Cave National Park.

US 385 cuts across part of Wind Cave National Park.

Along the way towards Hill City.  Will Crazy Horse ever get finished?

Downtown Hill City seemed to be fairly busy. I just stopped in two places for photos and then left. Didn't leave the bike.

Sheridan Lake Fishing dock. There is a swimming beach right across from here.

Stopped by the Pactola Reservoir, like I do every year to check the level.

More of the blow down area in Spearfish canyon.

A nice day for a ride with places to stop an click a photo, another good day.

Stopped by Roughlock Falls. People liked to cool there feet in the ice cold stream. Then it was down Spearfish Canyon running next to the creek.

Pictures of Spearfish Creek along the canyon road.

And another great day for a ride. 256 miles and some good conversation with old friends. Tomorrow morning [friday] I head for home.