Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Homeward bound.

Today I got up and had a light breakfast saw the resident deer, and got a couple pictures. Then it was time to pack up and head on down the road. Not much stopping today. I'm in the, "I want to get home mode". I did finally stop in Granite Falls MN. It was the third town that I tried to get a room in. I think summer road work and other construction is eating up alot of the lower priced motel rooms. I did get a room at the casino for a decent price. I totaled 475 miles for today. Tomorrow I will be home.
Mama and one of the two fawns.
Quite the collection.
Things are still very green in eastern south dakota, generally by this time of year things are starting to dry out. The stock ponds seemed to be in very good shape also.
A few more shots of South Dakota. In my next post I will try to do a little recap of the trip. Until then.


  1. Can't believe it's almost over. Now... since you have all the time in the world, what will you be up to next? ;-)

  2. So John, 135 miles left to go. Well with and early start you'll be home by the time I make this comment.... hehehe early start... LOL.

  3. Nice to see all the green. You'll be happy to be home in your own bed.

  4. The final leg ... funny how that part of the journey feels so much different. Hope you made it home safe and sound.