Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Out of South Dakota and into Wyoming

Today Tuesday, I packed up my things and loaded the bike and headed for Wyoming.
I took US85 south to Spearfish. Then down Spearfish canyon road US14A to Cheyenne Crossing and head south again back on US85. Pictures of Spearfish canyon.
The last one is of Bridal Vail Falls. After about 105 miles on US85 I turned right on WY270 and took that down to Guernsey and took US26 west to WY320 south. In Wheatland I got on WY312 to WY34 west. Where 34 met US30 I headed west towards Medicine Bow WY, my stopping point for the day. Here are some pictures from the rest of today's ride.
Here are a few pictures from Medicine Bow.
This is where I stayed, my room is right in front. It is part of the larger hotel The Virginian, right around the corner from the main hotel. A very nice $53.00 room.
Tomorrow I am going to head up WY487 with a jog on WY77. The map says closed in the winter, so it should be a good choice of route. I also figured out today that running between 70 and 85 mph tends to hurt the gas mileage, but boy when there is no traffic and the conditions are right it is nice to let the wheels roll. Till next post, be happy.

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  1. I love Wyoming. And what a bargain for the night. Enjoy your trip.