Monday, August 17, 2015

Smokey skies=History lessons

I stayed last night in Parma Id. In a real low budget no tell motel. I paid cash. Got up this morning and was on the road by 9am. It was the same sage brushy stuff until I crossed into Oregon at Nyssa on the Snake river. After that there was alot of irrigated land. I got a strong smell of onions in a few places. In one of the pics they talk about what is grown in the area. Nyssa has a sugar beet processing plant. All the pics today where taken along US20 in Oregon. I don't have an Oregon map yet so I am just winging it. Now for our daily education session using pictures.
Snake river at Nyssa OR.
Helmet law state.
Beet processing plant.
A field of onions.
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They have been here farming over 100 years.
The town of Vale OR.
Nice litlle rest area.
My only real traffic delay, about 15 minutes. I should of had a fishing pole. I don't know if the fish show up very well, but they looked to be up to 24 inches long.
You can still see a haze from the fires.
History is neet.
Ok enough allready, I'm wearing out my brakes stopping for all these roadside attractions, but I do enjoy reading about all this stuff. Tomorrow I will probably make my way to the coast on US20. And from there I don't know. So. Keep the cards and letters coming. we'll try to answer them all.


  1. John, what would your trek be, if you wouldn't stop for historic markers and sights... I very much enjoy the history & geography lessons.

    1. I guess it would just be a lot of miles covered in the alooted amount of time. So good point. Thanks for the interest.