Friday, August 14, 2015

Too much heat

Today I left Provo Ut with the intentions of going to Tooele Ut, to the Miller Motosports Park for the weekend of motorcycle racing. When I got to Tooele and it was 98 degrees and the main street was under construction from one end of town to the other and with traffic going at a speed of about 2mph, I was about to melt. I stopped and decided that I would not enjoy watching the races in that kind of heat, along with the high cost of a room, which I checked on, and the sign I saw that said expect traffic delays this weekend for some event. I didn't catch what it was but I thought you allready have a big traffic problem and I don't want to be here if it is going to get worse. I also couldn't make the left turn that I needed, there were only a few places to turn left in the whole town because of the construction. So here I am back in Kemmerer Wy. The rooms are cheap, the Mexican food is great and the temp is perfect. Time to get the maps out. I've decided to spend the next couple of days riding in Idaho and Montana, I think. I didn't take many pictures today, not until I got up in the mountains a ways and the temp dropped. I do use a "Hyperkewl" vest. You soak it in water for a few minutes and "squeeze" out the excess water it works great as long as you are moving more than 10 or so mph. I wear it under an armoured mesh jacket and am very cool and comfortable riding in the heat with the vest on. You need to add water about every 4-5 hours in the low humidity areas like here in the west. I just can't seem to handle standing in the baking sun and 98 degree heat anymore, hat or not. Well lets see what we got for pics today.
Along Ut39 in the Wasatch National Forest.
Strange rock sticking out from the side of a hill.
Do you see the nose, nostils and lips in the rocks not on the cows?
All this scenery in about 70 miles and even more. Well I wonder what neet things are in store for me tomorrow. Until then, hey just go for a ride. Ice cream works as a destination.


  1. I think it was hot everywhere yesterday. They even had heat advisories in St. Paul and it was close to 90 here with high humidity!

    I'm debating going for a ride to a A-C tractor show, but it's going to be 90 again....crap.

    Be sure to stay hydrated! I've had episodes of mental confusion in the heat from not drinking enough..... not the kind of mental confusion that come from "drinking too much". You might want to consider a Camelbak filled with ice and something like gatoraide! you'll be surprised at how much liquid you'll drink and how much easier it is to handle the heat!!!

    Ice cream is always a good reason for a ride!

  2. Ice cream ... yes, ice cream. It may not keep you hydrated but it is definitely a good excuse to stop and cool down. There is always time and reason for ice cream!