Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cool and cloudy

Today is Weds the 19 and I traveled south on US101 from Newport OR to Eureka CA. The day was cool 59-61 degrees, I'm glad I had the liner for my mesh jacket. The cloudy part was what I think they call a marine layer. Let's just say that it didn't make for any breathtaking photo ops. I also found out just how popular 101 is, meaning there was plenty of traffic, full campgrounds, but also many places to pull off and go down to the beach or just admire the view. It would be my suggestion that if you do make this trip, that you go from north to south as I am, so the ocean is allways on your right. Here are the pics from today.
There are many bridges.
A little blue sky and the Oregon dunes recreation area.
Now that's a bench and a bridge.
I wonder what they're fishing for.
Rocks and water at the sea shore.
Nice road and the trees are getting bigger. Tomorrow I am going to see the redwood trees and figure out where and when to turn left and head for home. That's it for today.


  1. John, it's too bad about the fog, but at least you got to see the OR and CA coast!

  2. That is a typical view of the Pacific this time of year. When it is really hot in the valley it pulls the fog in off the water.

    There are some great roads around Eureka to head East. Hwy 299 and 36 are popular with our riding buddies although we haven't had the chance to ride them ourselves.