Monday, August 17, 2015

Smoke all day.

As I left Rexburg, ID today I thought about all the problems they are having out here with the fires. I started to wonder how far west I would have to go to get away from the smokey conditions. The plan for tomorrow is to follow US20 west and find out. Today I left Rexburg on ID33 to US20/26. I stopped by EBR-1 Nat. Hist. Landmark. It was an expermental breeder reactor. It proved that you could produce electricity using nuclear energy. A very cool display. Other than that it was a rather uneventful ride, it was hazy all day and by the end of the day my throat felt irritated. Time for a Ricola. So the pictures today are more educational than scenic. The scenery tends to get pretty boring out here when your visibility is limited. I know that there are mountains out there 10 or 15 miles away but I can't quite make them out. I did have one section of about 40 miles where I was AATW, I just don't remember anything but sagebrush and the road, kind of. I know that I drove by a few educational roadside signs today but that is ok, I'm on vacation. Well now for some pictures.
Colorful Time.
They do alot of irrigation out here.
Control room was feet from reactor chamber. The pictures I took don't do justice to how neet it was.
Different expermental designs for airplanes. What were thet thinking?
Town of Arco ID.
Another Nat Mon.
Odd rock.
Hope you enjoyed today's blog. Maybe tomorrow I will hit some clearing sky's and roads with some charactor to them.

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  1. I'm digging all the Idaho info signs. Nevada has some cool looking one... red and blue painted steel roadside info signs.