Friday, August 14, 2015

A few missed turns

Today I thought that I would keep track of the roads that I traveled on. It was going good until I missed my first turn in Evanston Wy. I ended up on some number 152 or something, which was allright, I was still headed in the general direction that I wanted to be going. And then I saw the sign that said "Private property, do not go any farther, turn around" and some other stuff about being subject to search and what not. What did I do? Got out of Dodge, like now. The next wrong turn was when I thought that I would go see the marker for the southwest corner of the state of Wyoming, only 11 miles of good gravel I thought. Somewhere along the way I missed a turn and after about 12 miles of gravel I ended up on that same 152 road. Now I had to make a choice, do I take the paved road all the way back around, about 40 miles, or run the gravel? Really was a no brainer, it was GREAT gravel. I ran most of it at 50 to 60 mph, except the corners where I had to slow down to 30 or 40, oh and the area where I had the deer cross the road in front of me on the way in. It is allways interesting deciding in that split second how much brake can I grab and miss the deer and not fall down? We got a pretty good look at each other and decided it just wasn't meant to be. I did see the same deer on my return trip, but in a field this time, 50 yards off the road. So ok here is a list of the roads traveled today minus the wrong turns starting in Kemmerer Wy. US30 west to Montpelier Id. US89 south around the west side of Big Bear Lake to Ut30 to Ut16 south. That turns into Wy89. In Evanston Wy I took Wy 150 south it turns into Ut 150. In Kamas I turned onto Ut32 over to US40 south to Heber City, then US189 to Provo UT. Some how it ended up being 373 miles. It was 99 degrees in Provo at rush hour, and I'm looking for a room. Found one at the Days Inn. Now for the pictures. Once again I put the brakes to good use stopping at every little point of interest. I may not have captions for them all, so just enjoy.
Pictures from Wyoming.
Big Bear Lake area.
Over the top in the Wasatch Nat. Forest.
Provo Falls and Bridal Veil Falls and a neat building.
Jordanelle Res. Tomorrow it is off to Tooele Ut for the supermoto races. Won't be putting on no 300 miles a day for the next few days. Until my next post, enjoy.

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