Monday, August 7, 2017

Sturgis days 4 & 5

The last two days have been more riding and not so much picture taking. Saturday Aug 5 we started by going to Sturgis for our shirt and patch shopping, we also met our friend Gabi and had lunch at the VFW. Then it was off for a ride down Boulder Canyon to 85 North. There is a local road that cuts across to Whitewood that we took to get to SD34 West. It was a very good road. We followed 34 west out of Belle Fourche to the Stone House Saloon.A nice outdoor setting near the WY border. On the inside of the old house you are free to leave your mark. I found mine and added 41st to it, and went over the faded letters. When we finished there it was back to camp to relax. Pictures to follow.

Will post the rest of the photos when I find a better wi-fi signal.

On Sunday August 6 we started with breakfast at the VFW. This has become an annual thing. We always try to follow breakfast with a ride and this year was no different. Our friend Terresah joined us for breakfast and the ride as my passenger.
We left sturgis and got on the interstate for about 6 miles to the Whitewood exit where we got on SD34 headed west. At the WY border the road number changes to 24, we followed that to Devils Tower where we took a few pictures. It was very busy with people going up to the tower. Upon leaving we decided to look for a new suppossidly paved road, wrong it is still gravel, so we just stayed on US14 into Moorcroft and picked up the interstate back to Sundance WY for lunch. After lunch we followed the frontage road all the way back to Spearfish SD, which is where we got back on the interstate to Sturgis to drop Terresah off at her car. It was then back to the campsite to relax.

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  1. Nice to see that everyone still looks the same. Lyle must have a new vest.