Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sturgis day 6, the big circle

Today Monday Aug 7th I decided to go down to Hot Springs SD. My friends there have a rock, antique, jewelry and glassware shop. It was good to see them and have some time to visit. I also stopped and took a few more pictures today.
A lot of the buildings in Hot Springs were made from the same type stone. I wonder where the quarry was.

And then there is the theatre.

After leaving Hot Springs I took the long way around to get back to camp. This way I avoided the rain around Hill City and Custer SD. I took a few photos around the Edgemont SD area. I was amazed at the number of BNSF locomotives being stored at that location. It must of been 200 of them. I know the coal business and the North Dakota oil business is down, but I was still surprised by the numbers.

I wonder what this buildings purpose was when first built? School?

Mileage for the day was about 285 miles.
A nice ride all in all. Not much traffic and good roads.

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