Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sturgis day 7

Today Tuesday Aug 8 started out cool again. The mornings have been in the mid 50's. After breakfast I finished my blog and then went for a walk around the campground. I met Serenity (campground owners daughter) at the concession stand and gave her a T-shirt from the 1988 Sturgis rally. I've done this the past few years.

Later that evening I took another walk around the campground and took some pictures.
I thought it would be fuller by now. A smaller crowd is just fine with me.

And this is my spot. The brother-in-laws vehicle and trailer next door..

In between I went for a ride. I left the campground and headed out US212 to Alzada MT. You go from SD through WY and into MT in 20 miles. I headed for the Stoneville Saloon. It was topless tuesday. That meant the bartenders and anybody else that wanted to could go topless. I ended up not staying long. It was getting very crowded in a short period of time.

I only have G rated pictures on my posts.

Big crowd by 11am.

I left the Stoneville Saloon and took a circuitous route, ending up at Warren Peak fire tower.
Before leaving the tower I checked the radar and decided to head back to camp. It worked out that I missed all the rain, even the rain that fell at the campground.

A couple other pictures when I stopped to strech my legs.

The radar when I got back to camp.

I also got to see the train headed north with about 50 cars. It's main customer is the Bentinite plant in Colony WY. It's the product of 1000 uses. look it up.

It's carried in these style cars.

Not sure about wed. Maybe Spearfish canyon. We are to have dinner with Terresah in Rapid City.


  1. The crowd size in the camp ground looks a little smaller than usual. Great to see lots of pictures.

  2. Hey, where's my Sturgis shirt??!!