Friday, November 3, 2017

Fall or Winter?

As I sit here friday afternoon looking at the happenings outside the window, the weather can't seem to decide what season it should be. Right now it is overcast with a light breeze and about 35 degrees. Haven't had a day of full sunshine in about 2 weeks.
Fire stopped by this morning for a meal of acorns. There is no shortage.
You can tell Fire by her cowlick mid flank on the right side.
She just wanders the yard munching and crunching.
I had to go to St. Paul on weds for an appointment and on the way back stopped at a wayside and took a picture of the Namakagon river.
Just a little before the wayside I stopped in Shell Lake. The wind was howling out of tthe East and the snow was blowing.
When I got home it was snowing pretty good.
By thursday afternoon it had all gone away again.
Possible more snow tonight and then another warm up.
My wife Wendie finished her third Quilt of Valor this week. It will be given to a veteran this coming Monday, to thank them for there service to the country.
Not much else for now.

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