Friday, October 6, 2017

A Day at the Races

The weekend of Sept. 15-16 the town of Sturgis SD hosted a round of Supermoto racing. The course was set up through the streets and parking lots of downtown Sturgis. I love this style racing.
Friday was a washout, no practice, no racing. They were forced to do everything on saturday. Alot of action. It was a rather cold day, but with something going on on the track pretty much constantly you didn't notice it to much.
Everybody gets their chance on the track, from about 5 years old on up.

A few shots of the pits.
Approaching a real tight spot on the track.
The tight spot.
I really love being able to be so close to the action.
After exiting that tight spot they hit a 1 block straight before turning left. I think that this is the fastest part of the course. They go 1 short block before turning left and hitting the dirt. Amazing action.
One of two dirt sections. This is the dirt section seen in the second video.
Sure was great racing.

Here is a video of the fastest corner on the track. This next video shows them at the next corner entering the second dirt section.
It was a super time. Hope you enjoyed this post.

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