Wednesday, October 7, 2015

First Thursday last Thursday

This past Thursday Oct 1, I hopped on my XT 250 and headed over to Dulono's Pizza on Lake Street in Minneapolis, MN for first Thursday. A good excuse for a bunch of bikers to get together and tell stories and such.
It was a great evening for a ride, but it did cool quickly after the sun went down, which is now before 7pm. It was a very good turn out and may be the last one of this riding season.
A shot of my XT.
Nice turnout.
Never to small for a sidecar and streamlining always helps. And now just a bunch of pictures, somewhat organized.
The flock of Duck's just kept getting larger.
Nice older Beemer.
There where plenty of kawi's on hand, but it became hard to get good pics because of the big turnout.
Sidecar on your 450 Honda? Can do!
Honda anyone?
Some nice Yamaha's.
Halloween can't be far off now.
Harley's on hand.
The nicest machine that rode in during the time that I was present. I can tell that the riding season is coming to a close. I will try for some fall color rides in the next few weeks.


  1. John, you got some really nice bike pictures. I remember when the Yamaha 650 Specials were everywhere. They must have flooded the market with them, that and the 400 Specials.

    I like the one with the cardboard fairing with the Briggs and Stratton gas tank!

    1. Oh, and the Fatbob(?) has just enough black and chrome

  2. Nie looking XT you have there.

    I am always surprised at how many bikes show up for your First thursdays. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.